Experience Quality and Innovation with the Opening of DORMA Shanghai Showroom

Experience Quality and Innovation with the Opening of DORMA Shanghai Showroom

Shanghai. On November 18, 2014 in Shanghai, the newly refurbished DORMA showroom, showcasing the new brand image and premium access solutions, was unveiled to the public.

As a milestone in DORMA China’s presence-building strategy, the opening of the Shanghai showroom has attracted major attention from the trade, with Thomas P. Wagner, CEO of DORMA Group, officiating the opening ceremony. ” Here we want to present to customers our best and most innovative solutions to their needs - for offices, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, airports or hospitals. Here we want to excite our customers – with our access solutions, our products and designs, our innovations, our expertise, our service and last but not least with our personalities,” said Thomas Wagner.


China is a major growth engine in DORMA 2020 Strategy, and the showroom is a powerful sales tool to provide first-hand experience of what innovation and quality means for DORMA. Dieter Sichelschmidt, Area President of DORMA, Asia Pacific, Australia, said, “DORMA is the single brand world market leader in our industry. The new showroom shows what DORMA means with premium access solutions and services.”

Going digital is the trend and there is no exception in access solutions. In this latest showroom of DORMA China, there is a comprehensive display of electronic access control solutions, from access management, master key-ing to emergency and safety exit. DORMA offers expert advice from mechanical to electronic solutions, whichever best suit the customers’ needs for their projects.


As of today, DORMA has 9 showrooms in China. DORMA sales staff are located in over 25 cities in Mainland China and distributors across the country to provide support and service to customers. “We started our operation in Mainland China 20 years ago, and we have never stopped innovating,” said Francis Leung, Regional Director of DORMA China. “We will continue to invest in digital tools such as BIM models and electronic configurators, which would make it easier for project and building planning."

With the ceremony attended by business partners such as architects, developers, and distributors, the Shanghai showroom was very well received among the guests, as having “comprehensively showcased DORMA brand and products” and “significantly improved the experience and perception of DORMA products and solutions.”


The importance of the new DORMA showroom is not only in showcasing DORMA products, but also in communicating the DORMA brand values of “Hassle-free”, “Holistic”, “Design & Aesthetics”, “Quality and Innovation”.

As a trusted global partner for premium access solutions and services enabling better buildings, DORMA’s products can be found in a wealth of acclaimed building projects around the world, including Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the Shanghai Tower in China.


Caption 1: (From left) Dieter Sichelschmidt, Area President, DORMA Asia Pacific, Australia, Thomas P. Wagner, CEO DORMA Group, and Francis Leung, Regional Director, DORMA China, giving the official signal for Shanghai showroom opening with DORMA security access card on DORMA card reader.



Shanghai, November 26, 2014

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