New showroom opens in Hong Kong

New showroom opens in Hong Kong

On July 29, 2015 DORMA opened a new Showroom in Hong Kong.

With over 20 year’s presence in the local market, the showroom opening was a further milestone and guests like distributors, architects and developers were invited to celebrate and enjoy this event.

As one of the world's leading international financial centers, Hong Kong has a major capitalist service economy and is with over 7 million inhabitants an autonomous territory on the southern coast of China. This new showroom demonstrates that even after 20 years of establishment and making one’s mark in the local market, DORMA can still bring new perspective and innovation to the industry.

The showroom is designed to be a hub for DORMA sales representatives and business partners to discuss access solutions for their new projects.
It offers a wide range of door control options, electronic access control solutions, access management, master keying and safety exit. The comprehensive display from mechanical to electronic solutions offers the best to the needs of customers and their projects.

As Dieter Sichelschmidt, Area President of Asia-Pacific, Australia, said to the showroom guests: “You all are invited to use the showroom as a new platform. It is a communication tool, where customers can touch and experience DORMA products first hand. This is a way to bring not only the products but also the company with its ideas and values closer to customers. We just need to use it.”

DORMA customers were impressed by the new showroom presenting DORMA products and innovations. It is a place to get an overview of product functions and how construction requirements can be solved by holistic product solutions from DORMA. Instead of offering single products with relating components, DORMA provides and displays entire processes that make life easier for all concerned.

At the opening ceremony, customers also enjoyed the celebration with champagne and roast pig cutting, which demonstrated a perfect blend of western culture with local preferences.
The excitement was further enhanced by the Prominent Project Awards presentation in the evening reception.
In order to give recognition to outstanding project specifications, DORMA Hong Kong took this opportunity to honor distributors for their contribution to the most representative projects in recent years within 5 different vertical categories.

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