Sustainability – a concept to which DORMA is inherently committed

Ennepetal-based manufacturer dedicated to constantly improving the environmental performance of its products

Sustainability – a concept to which DORMA is inherently committed

Ennepetal/Munich. Nowadays, the issue of sustainability is permanently pervasive in the planning and design of buildings worldwide. Indeed, the global energy and CO2 problem, and thus that of global warming, has given rise to a constant stream of new standards, governing in particular the energy efficiency of buildings.


These require that the energy and material balance of a building be fully documented for the entire useful life of that building. In order to achieve this, all the materials and products used in the building have to be subjected to an ecological assessment, culminating in a sustainability certificate. This shows the entire life cycle of a product in detail from cradle to grave. DORMA not only recognizes the special social responsibility that derives from such requirements, it also regards itself as a major trendsetter in the sustainability assessment of products within its field of business.


At the hardware level, the requirement for sustainability accreditation can be met by issuing an environmental product declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 21930 or ISO 14025, and EN 15804 to satisfy international and European standards respectively. There are various internationally recognized building certification systems, including the USA’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the UK’s BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and Germany’s DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen), which has been gaining currency with planners, specifiers and architects since its introduction in 2008.


The issue of sustainability has been an area of DORMA’s focus for many years now. All the products of this premium provider are manufactured from high-grade materials in line with environmental protection principles. More than this, DORMA’s products have always been characterized by a high standard of quality and the very long service lifetimes that this implies.


In recent years, DORMA has been particularly keen to have its high-demand and more frequently applied products certified, and to develop new products offering enhanced sustainability. Hence, for example, its ST FLEX Green automatic sliding door comes with an EPD. Offering a good visual match with the standard ST FLEX system, this doorset exudes excellence in both design and energy efficiency, with the exceptionally slender DORMA FLEX profile system of thermal-break design on both the stationary and the sliding panels. This slimmed-down framing component with its special heat-insulating structure ensures compliance with the latest energy-saving regulations governing insulation between the interior and exterior of a building.


DORMA’s TS 93 door closer system and its electromechanical swing door operators ED 100 and ED 250 have also been certified with an EPD. The main environmental benefits of these products lie in the increased energy efficiency and optimized recyclability that they offer. And all DORMA door and window handles in the Premium range, and also its door handles in the Plus range have also been certified.


Due to their design and long-lasting robustness, DORMA products enjoy an enviable reputation among architects and specifiers alike. The company’s holistic approach has been additionally extended through inclusion of the important sustainability aspect, especially with respect to the products mentioned above.


Ennepetal/Munich, January 15, 2013

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