DORMA's New ED100 and ED250 Operators

Quiet, Safe, Reliable and Green

Quiet, easy to use, and engineered to minimize materials consumption, the ED100 and ED250 Low Energy Door Operators provide safe, low-effort access for all users. Both units were developed and are manufactured by DORMA, the international door systems specialist.

The sleek, energy-efficient and whisper-quiet ED100 and ED250 operators can be installed either as push versions with standard arms or pull versions with a slide channel. For double doors, an easy-to-install integrated coordinator is also available.

The units feature a range of operating modes, enabling the doors to be opened under power when required or used as conventional manual swing doors. DORMA's ED100 is designed for doors weighing up to 220 lbs.; the ED250 supports larger and heavier doors up to 550 lbs.

Precision multi-stage gearing accounts for quiet and smooth operation. Combined with the architectural detailing of DORMA's slim, elegant Contur design - just 2 ¾" inches high - the closers are suitable for the most sensitive building environments.

When operated manually, the ED 100 and 250 require little physical effort. They are especially helpful for children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, or those carrying objects or pushing carts. Both operators - fully ADA compliant - open doors at precisely controlled speeds and forces, assuring safety for all users.

As an option, these electromechanical operators can be supplied with DORMA's innovative automatic wind control. Each operator automatically recognizes and compensates for wind loads with a force of up to 33 lbf. The unit makes these adjustments to current weather conditions in real time. It also features adjustable electronic latching action.

The ED units are inherently green products, specifically engineered to reduce required manufacturing materials by almost 40 percent compared to other low-energy operators. Lower weight also cuts shipping costs and reduces CO2 emissions in the delivery cycle. In addition, DORMA operators help avoid heat loss and contribute to reducing buildings' carbon footprints. The long life of all DORMA products means it will be many years before recycling becomes a necessity, but at that time the operators will be fully recyclable.

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