Reverse key system

DORMA europrofile cylinders are literally the key to locking system security on both external and internal doors. High-quality, matched materials ensure excellent corrosion and wear resistance, while certified manufacture provides precise, reliable functionality and durability. Trust DORMA for sophisticated solutions in a comprehensive cylinder portfolio – with the right level of protection aligned to individual requirements and strong performance throughout.

Locking cylinder DEC 261

The reverse key system DEC 261 offers a proven locking solution with a wide range of variants. The cylinder comes with a code card for improved services. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as well as for fire-rated doors.

Security features

The locking cylinder DEC 261 offers increased security with

  • 6 main pins
  • 8 additional pins (5 active / 3 passive) in 2 additional rows
  • Anti-pick protection
  • Anti-drill protection in the body
  • Anti-drill protection in the core
  • Anti-bump protection
Wide range of variants
  • Europrofile half cylinder
  • Europrofile double cylinder
  • Europrofile double cylinder with emergency opening function
  • Europrofile double cylinder with internal round knob
  • Europrofile double cylinder prearranged for internal knob

Cam options:

  • 30° DIN cam
  • 8 position DIN cam


All variants are available in the surface finishes brass or nickel and in packages with 3 or 5 keys.