Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

For us BIM is more than a buzzword

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Building Information Modeling at DORMA

For DORMA, BIM means more than merely downloading 3D objects in different graphical formats. For us, BIM means in the first instance supporting our customers by providing up-to-date, reliable and precise product data for the planning, construction and management of buildings. In addition to BIM objects representing individual DORMA products, we are also focusing on providing solutions and services encompassing the entire issue of integrated planning and construction.


The core elements of our BIM service range are tailored BIM objects covering the entire DORMA product portfolio. In creating these objects, particular attention was given to ensuring simple, uncomplicated application and keeping them as light as possible. Where possible, graphical extras have been avoided, with the technical features and functions being placed at the fore.




The models have largely been developed and implemented for Autodesk Revit (.rfa). For selected products, we also offer objects for Graphisoft ArchiCAD and in the manufacturer-neutral IFC format.


The complexity of the objects will depend on the application: from simple, parametrizable models with a low functional scope, such as our TS 93 door closers or BTS 80 floor springs, to highly configurable objects such as our HSW partition wall systems or the KTV 3/4 revolving doors. Each BIM object has been especially developed to fit the needs of a particular planning phase.




Based on our BIM objects, we have developed BIM door solutions that can be used to resolve standard situations at the planning stage. These door solutions contain all the components necessary to meet a door specification, whether in terms of barrier-free access, fire protection or as an emergency exit. The BIM objects are provided with all the properties and functions to satisfy the specified purpose.


Particular attention has been given to application suitability. In order not to make the objects cumbersome, not everything that is technically feasible has been visualized as a 3D graphic. Rather, the focus has been on ensuring a full representation of the features coupled with extensive use of standards.

BIM Development

Although Building Information Modeling is not new, for us as a manufacturer of building products there are still many questions that remain open or not completely answered. Ideally, the BIM process should begin with the manufacturer of the products used in the build. Only this party can provide reliable information as to the properties, characteristics, features and prices of its products and guarantee their suitability. This is the minimum requirement that DORMA is pursuing with its BIM strategy.


We are involved both locally and at the international level with various BIM groups and working committees in order to ensure that the development of BIM continues to be aligned to the needs of our customers, with extension into new fields of application and further optimization possibilities a constant requirement.



DORMA has been a member of buildingSMART since 2012 and is actively involved in various working groups within the organization – particularly in relation to the issues of BIM, door solutions, data interchange, construction processes and component information provision