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  • Shopping Mall Basement Entrance »

    Shopping Mall Basement Entrance *

    Double Leaf Double Action Glass Door on Rails

    Dimension:2400 mm wide X 2800 mm height

    1. Floor Spring BTS 80
    2. TP TA Rails
    3. Top Bearing Pivot
    4. Door Stop 3108
    5. Pull Handle TG
  • Security Staircase »

    Security Staircase *

    Single leaf Single action Fire rated wooden door-90min rated

    Dimension:1000 mm wide X 2100 mm height

    1. Panic Device PHB 3000 with Micro Switch
    2. External Trim PHT 05
    3. Door Closer TS 73V
    4. Door Stop 3108
    5. Gaskets RP 120
    6. Autodoor Bottom Seal Rp8si

  • ATM Center Entry Door »

    ATM Center Entry Door *

    Single Leaf Single Action Door (AL Framed glass door)

    Dimension:1000 mm wide X 2100 mm height

    1. BTS 75 with Centre Hung AL Pivot
    2. Electro Magnetic Lock
    3. C Type Pull Handle - TG 9300 EQ -S
    4. Narrow Stil Dead Lock Package
    5. Door Stop 3108
  • Shop Entrance »

    Shop Entrance *

    Single leaf Double action Frameless glass door with fixed partitions.

    Dimension:1000 mm wide X 2100 mm height

    1. BTS 75 with Patch Fittings
    2. WCP for Fixed Partitions
    3. Pull Handle TG
 Shopping / Retail

Shopping / Retail

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Shopping / Retail

Shopping / Retail

Busy retail facilities require entrances that provide easy access for customers and create a pleasant shopping experience. DORMA can supply the right products for ease of access as well as securing employee and goods entrances that require secure access.

  • more » nova eventis - Leipzig (GER)

    Covering 76,000 square metres of the former Saale Park in Günthersdorf in the Halle/Leipzig region of southeast Germany, the ‘nova eventis’ is a unique shopping and amenities centre comprising around 220 individual boutiques, department stores, service-providers, restaurants, bars and cafés.

    nova eventis - Leipzig (GER)

  • more » Mall of Emirates – Dubai (UAE)

    Mall of the Emirates, is a 223,000 square metre centre leisure, entertainment and shopping resort located in the heart of 'New Dubai'. The mall was designed by the American architectural firm, F+A Architects. Prior to the opening of the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates was the second largest shopping mall in the Middle East.

    Mall of Emirates – Dubai (UAE)

  • more » Overkill-Shop - Berlin (GER)

    In the middle of Kreuzberger Kiez in Berlin, the "Overkill-Shop" readily attracts the attention of the passers-by for its sneakers and street wear. Because at 195A Köpenickerstrasse, Robert Peiser and Thomas Schulz, inspired by their trips to Tokyo and New York, have developed a store, the concept of which sets new standards for the German capital – an artistic blend of classic prestige showroom and living street art.

    Overkill-Shop - Berlin (GER)

  • more » McDonald’s Restaurants  (GBR)

    As part of a national refurbishment programme for McDonald’s, DORMA was appointed to install high quality automatic doors from DORMA at 169 restaurants across the UK, helping to deliver the utmost levels of safety and convenience.

    McDonald’s Restaurants (GBR)

  • more » Adidas, Oxford Street - London (GBR)

    When global leading sporting brand Adidas decided to rebrand and refit a flagship 1800m2 store in London, it was essential the entire retail experience was second to none and that had to start with the entrances on busy Oxford Street. With constant foot traffic, performance and durability were of the utmost importance, as were striking aesthetics.

    Adidas, Oxford Street - London (GBR)

  • more » Mall of Arabia - Jeddah (SAU)

    Glittering retail temples are today as much a part of the image of the Arabian Peninsula as majestic camel trains and spacious Bedouin tents. The latest pearl in a long string of purchasing paradises is the “Mall of Arabia” in the Saudi harbour town of Jeddah. A total of 330 outlets - including many of the top designer stores - and 34 restaurants offer the ultimate in shopping seduction.

    Mall of Arabia - Jeddah (SAU)

  • more » Queen Victoria Village Shopping Centre (QV) – Melbourne (AUS)

    Queen Victoria Village, generally known as QV Village or just QV, is a precinct in the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. QV comprises of a large shopping centre, a central plaza, an underground food court, supermarket, offices and apartment buildings.

    Queen Victoria Village Shopping Centre (QV) – Melbourne (AUS)

  • more » Ria Shopping Olhão, Olhão - (POR)

    Built on 9,000 square metres over three stories and with 70 shops offering fashion, beauty, sport and much more, it has it all. 

    Ria Shopping Olhão, Olhão - (POR)