BAU 2011: DORMA – premium partner to architects everywhere

Exciting innovations right in line with the sustainability imperative

BAU 2011: DORMA – premium partner to architects everywhere

Munich, Germany. DORMA will be showcasing a spectacular array of innovations at this year’s BAU, the leading international trade fair for architecture, taking place from 17 to 22 January, 2011. The full range of capabilities available from this premium supplier has been split between two differently themed exhibition stands. DORMA’s products from its Public segment – divided into the subthemes Hotel, Shopping and Stadium – can be found in Hall B1, Stand 518. Meanwhile, at Stand 101 in Hall C4, the company is exhibiting its sophisticated Interior concepts in a series of impressive settings. The commonality between these two segments is provided by DORMA’s focus on the principles of sustainable development. DORMA has further augmented its already considerable efforts in addressing the ecological challenges of the present and is confident of its ability to offer products and services which are – in every respect – very much in line with the requirements of a “green” future. This has also been signalled to the market with certification of its environmental management system to ISO 14001 at the end of November 2010, and fulfilment by its energy management system of the requirements specified in DIN EN 16001. And – most recently – it has also attained a certificate of environmental compatibility for the TS 93 door closer, due to be presented to DORMA CEO, Thomas P. Wagner, at the exhibition on 18 January.

High-quality integrated solutions for applications in the Public domain

DORMA’s Automatic division is showcasing a true world innovation in the form of its modified electro-mechanical swing door operator ED 250. This workhorse for doors of up to 250 kg per leaf features a pull-action slide channel and has been approved for use on fire and smoke check doors up to EN 6. The novelty of this drive unit lies in its energy-saving mode and automatic wind load response system which controls a back-up motor to boost the closing sweep. The ED 250 is mounted on a door together with a PHA 2500 panic exit device in DORMA’s Contur design.

The Automatic division will also be demonstrating the versatility of the energy-saving mag-lev sliding door operator CS 80 MAGNEO on various door types of timber and glass. The new generation of operators on display at this year’s BAU includes models designed for use on external doors. And a study application shows the CS 80 MAGNEO Green in its dual-panel design installed in an insulating post-and-beam (mullion/transom) façade in combination with the new, slender thermal-break DORMA FLEX Thermo profile system. The ST FLEX Green automatic sliding door, also making its début, is a further highlight under the sustainability banner. This door system features the super-slender, thermal-break profile system DORMA FLEX to create an automatic door that meets the requirements of Germany’s energy-saving ordinance EneV 2009-2011, with certification already having been obtained. The CS 80 MAGNEO is also featured on a number of other eye-catching single- and dual-panel sliding door exhibits.

Sustainability is also a major aspect of the ED 100 swing door operator, which for the first time comes equipped with a Power Assist function. In this system, the manual effort required to open the door is reduced by automatic cut-in of a booster motor. The door opens with exceptional ease, despite an inherently low level of electrical energy input.

Another innovation on show is the HSW-R WK 2 horizontal sliding wall. This operable frontage, tested and approved by Germany’s Institute for Window Technology (ift) of Rosenheim, is built with HSW-R panels of burglary resistance class 2 to DIN V ENV 1627: 1999. The system from DORMA Glass, featuring a single-action fixed panel, two sliding panels and a pivoting/sliding panel, is equipped with a concealed rod multi-point locking arrangement, plus an anti-tamper fitting with a rectangular security backplate and europrofile cylinder to DIN EN 1303, class 6. The HSW-R WK 2 therefore offers a level of anti-intruder security previously unknown in a product of its kind.

DORMA Interior for innovative in-room ideas

Also new is the PORTEO door assistant with obstruction detection. If the door equipped with the PORTEO makes contact with an obstruction three times in succession during the opening cycle, it returns to the closed position. And in the closing cycle, if the door comes up against an obstacle three times, the PORTEO halts it in that position.

The programmable bus-networked control system ComfortDrive launched by DORMA Hüppe (Movable Walls) at the beginning of 2010 and used for fully automatic operation of glass and sound-insulating partitions, is being exhibited in conjunction with a range of MOVEO acoustic and glass elements. These offer the combined advantages of high sound insulation, transparency and sound absorption. This absorption is achieved in the case of the non-glass elements by an especially designed micro-perforated cover panel.

The RSP 80 has now been further developed for use on glass panels as well. When fitted to glass, the mounting profile is fixed at the rear by retaining plates – all nicely concealed under a system-true cover profile.

The TENSOR DORMOTION offers convenient, comfortable damping in double-action doors, significantly reducing sweep speed as the door approaches its readily adjustable zero position. This virtually eliminates the chance of the door swinging through. And if free access is required, the TENSOR will reliably hold door leaves of up to 65 kg at an opening angle of 90 degrees.

The AGILE 150 DORMOTION features an effective cushioning mechanism that prevents uncontrolled door panel slam. The system can be used in conjunction with glass and timber sliding panels and is suitable for integration within toughened glass systems as well as for the more conventional fixing methods. All the main functional elements such as the clamp-type roller carriers and the cushioning spring mechanisms – which also serve to retract the door panels to their end positions – are discreetly concealed in the overhead track.

A glance into the future: Pilot series and application studies

Among the exhibits is a pilot series model of an ITS 96 FL free-swing door closer of concealable design, which means it can be installed so that it is virtually invisible. It is suitable for doors up to 180 kg in weight and 1400 mm in width. A further highlight takes the form of the pilot series model of an ITS 96 FL GSR, a door closer for double-leaf doors which matches an ITS 96 FL with an ITS 96 EN 3-6.

An application study of a TS 97 FL free-swing door closer is likewise on show, offering a free-swing function for door widths up to 1400 mm. The system’s visuals are enhanced by the attractive Contur design and a flush-mounted slide channel. The closer can operate doors weighing up to 180 kg.

Services and more

The PREMIUM range of door furniture is prominent as part of the DORMA array of fair exhibits, offering specifiers, fabricators and installers exceptional design scope with a wide choice of models for timber and narrow stile/metal framed doors. New to the market is a lever handle with Braille inscription especially designed for people with impaired sight. The lettering on the inside of the handle identifies the door being used. Changes in room configuration are greatly facilitated by the MSTS 5000 Vario divider system. With this floor-mounted sliding door and partition system, small rooms can be given new shape and adapted to changing requirements with consummate ease. A special highlight comes in the form of the MAME display under the title ‘The Power of Colour’. Coloured glass doors, some with ceramic enamel adornments, have the ability to transform rooms and create an impressively unique atmosphere.

The subject of services is very much to the fore in the information area of the DORMA System Partners section. There are already over 900 fabrication and installation firms in German-speaking Europe that today benefit from the sales and distribution support provided by DORMA, which is very much focused on increasing the sales revenue of its DSP members. The activities of DORMA Service are also of particular importance. Together with DORMA’s network partners, its technicians and engineers offer advice and support covering the full life cycle of the product, starting with its installation and commissioning and then continuing with its maintenance and any repairs that may be necessary. And this service unit too will be showcasing its capabilities in Munich.

Munich, 17 January 2011

The environmental product declaration (EPD) to DIN ISO 14025 for the TS 93 door closer awarded by the Institute for Building and the Environment (IBU) is presented by its President, Hans Peters (right), to DORMA CEO, Thomas P. Wagner, at the BAU trade fair 2011 in Munich. (BAU_Uebergabe_EPD.jpg)

The ST FLEX Green automatic door makes an active contribution to sustainable construction.

The TS 93 door closer with the heart-shaped cam is the first DORMA product to be officially covered by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

The ED 100 and ED 250 swing door operators come equipped with many new features that enhance convenience while also helping to protect the environment. (ED100_ED250.jpg)

Double-action doors equipped with the internally flush-mounted fittings of the BO 381 shower system offer a generous 100 degree sweep in both the inward and outward directions. (BO_1.jpg and BO_2.jpg)

The circular LOOP mounting connects glass panels and also solar panels without the need for any drilling in the glass whatsoever. (LOOP.jpg)

High-quality glass doors are on show in the special MAME display area under the banner ‘The Power of Colour’. (MAME.jpg)

The high-convenience, fully automatic operable partitions of the DORMA MOVEO range offer exceptional sound insulation and absorption as well as light-admitting transparency – and all within a coordinated and integral design scheme. (Moveo1.jpg and Moveo2.jpg)

The RSP 80 sliding door system can now also be used in conjunction with glass panels. (RSP80.jpg)

The TENSOR DORMOTION reliably and accurately returns double-action doors to their closed (zero) position every time. (Tensor.jpg)

The PHA 2500 panic exit device in the Contur design features some particularly impressive technical features such as concealed fixings and an excellent door release action even under heavy side load conditions. (PHA2500.jpg)

DORMA offers a ten-year warranty on its high-quality PREMIUM door furniture. All the models of this extensive lever handle range come with fast-fitting Click & Go technology. And now model with Braille lettering has been added to the portfolio. (Türdrücker.jpg)

The AGILE 150 DORMOTION sliding door system is designed for fitting to glass as well as for wall face, ceiling and transom/lintel installation. (AGILE_Glas.jpg and AGILE_Holz.jpg)

The DORMA System Partners service and support community has now been in existence for more than ten years. Since its inception, it has attracted more than 900 fabricators and installers operating in Germany and its neighbouring countries, all of whom enjoy the benefits of the revenue-enhancing concept upon which this scheme is based. (Systempartner.jpg)


DORMA is the trusted global partner for premium access solutions & services enabling better buildings. With more than 100 years of tradition behind it, DORMA has developed into the world market leader in door controls, movable walls and glass fittings and accessories. In the automatics segment too, the company is a member of the world elite. DORMA is also a successful player in the security, time management and access control segment and the number one in Germany for emergency exit control and escape route security systems. DORMA maintains major production plants in Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, China and North and South America. With an international workforce of around 6,500 employees, the Group realised sales of €856 million in fiscal 2009/10 (June 30). The DORMA Group headquartered in Ennepetal, Germany, operates on an international scale with 71 wholly-owned companies in 47 different countries.

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