BAU 2011: ED 100 and ED 250 with double the closing force

Swing door operators with approval for fire and smoke check doors

BAU 2011: ED 100 and ED 250 with double the closing force

Munich.Germany. With its modified ED 250 electro-mechanical swing door operator for double doors, DORMA is showcasing a true world innovation. This unit featuring a pull-action slide channel for elements of 250 kg leaf weight has, in the exhibited version, been certified for use on fire and smoke check doors up to EN 6.

The ED 250 displayed is mounted on a doorset in combination with a PHA 2500 panic exit device in the Contur design.

The ‘little brother’ of the pair, the ED 100, is also on show in Munich with an integrated Power Assist function, whereby the manual opening of the door is assisted by a booster motor that cuts in on demand. This can be of enormous advantage, particularly for people with physical disabilities.

In the case of both these revamped operators, great value has been placed on actively ensuring resource conservation. Consequently, they are equipped with high-efficiency power supply units which reduce energy consumption in the no-load mode by 20%. Energy efficiency in the partial-load range has also been improved – from 62% to 73%. And these operators offer a further advantage of detail with an energy-saving function ensuring that the IRS-4 infra-red safety sensors are shut down in the standby mode.

Also of particular interest is the integrated automatic wind load response system. In the case of external doors, the wind often impinges directly onto the door leaf, while interior doors are influenced by pressure gradients – generated for example by air-conditioning and ventilation systems, or chimney effects. Electro-hydraulic operators in which the energy for the closing cycle is exclusively generated by means of a spring are only able to generate the closing force that corresponds to the current spring setting, and are therefore unable to respond to the prevailing weather situation and wind load. Not so in the case of the wind load booster system integrated in these two operators, whose function is activated by means of an integrated ‘Full-Energy’ upgrade card. With this, wind loads are detected in the automatic mode. The closing force can then be increased by a motorised assist up to the permitted maximum of 150 N.

These two operators are therefore able to easily generate double the closing force of their purely electro-hydraulic counterparts.

Munich, 17 January 2011

The ED 100 and ED 250 swing door operators come equipped with many new features that enhance convenience while also helping to protect the environment. (ED100_ED250.jpg)

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