BAU 2011: Environmental product declaration for TS 93 door closers

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BAU 2011: Environmental product declaration for TS 93 door closers

Munich, Germany. With the increasingly alarming climate change issue and the need for massive energy savings, sustainability in construction is likely to become a dominant theme among specifiers and architects in the future. DORMA has long addressed the ecological challenges of the present and is confident of its ability to offer products and services that are – in every respect – very much in line with the requirements of a “green” future. Visible signals in this regard include the environmental product declaration (EPD) to DIN ISO 14025 that the company has issued for it TS 93 door closer.  Indeed, the corresponding certificate awarded by the Institute for Building and the Environment (IBU) domiciled in Königswinter is to be presented by its President, Hans Peters, to DORMA CEO, Thomas P. Wagner, at the BAU trade fair on 18 January. 

The voluntary EPD provides a systematic overview of all the environmental information and life cycle of a product. Its correctness is moderated upon by an independent board of experts. EPDs are generally applicable and internationally recognised sources of information that can provide architects with a high degree of planning security. 

All the products from DORMA already fulfil the relevant ecological precepts and have been used around the world in many constructions with true green building credentials. A list and also illustrations and photos of some of the more striking examples and international projects can be viewed by visitors to our stand in Hall B1.

‘Green’ automatic door

On view in Munich are numerous new products offering certified environmental compatibility. One such is the ST FLEX Green automatic sliding door. The door system on show features the super-slender thermal-break profile system DORMA FLEX. Thanks to its special construction, this frame section presents a particularly slender fair face while also offering a high level of insulation between the interior and exterior. The automatic doorset, which from June 2011 will be available for sale in widths up to 6250 mm and heights up to 3300 mm, meets the (strict) demands of Germany’s energy-saving ordinance EneV 2009-2011, as already certified by Germany’s Institute for Window Technology (ift) of Rosenheim.

A further application study shows the CS 80 MAGNEO Green in its dual-panel design. Because of its compact overall dimensions, this mag-lev sliding door operator can also be integrated in façade constructions. To illustrate this suitability, the exhibit has been combined with the narrow-stile, thermal-break ST Flex Thermo door leaf profile for an integrated façade solution offering full thermal insulation between the interior and exterior. Series production is planned to start in 2012.

A further product capable of promoting sustainable and energy-efficient construction is the LOOP façade glass mounting, with which LSG panels with thin-film solar cells can now also be installed. The necessary cabling is run through the construction and invisibly ducted into the building interior.

Other recognised premium products underlining the excellent sustainability credentials of this manufacturer include the KT Varioline revolving door and the MOVEO Glass partition system. In the case of the three- or four-wing revolving door, the high level of draught protection provided by the elements and the profiles employed can make a significant contribution to optimising a building’s energy balance. Similarly with the MOVEO Glass partition system for flexible room configuration, excellent draught exclusion and insulating performance ensure that even substantial temperature gradients between rooms can be reliably maintained.

Although DORMA has long been concerned with issues relating to the environmental compatibility of its products, its specific ideas on sustainable development were first presented just about a year ago in the brochure ‘Think Green’. This was published to coincide with the Nuremberg fensterbau international trade fair for window and façade technology. Since that time, a lot has been done in this area, including the certification of the company’s environmental management system to ISO 14 001 at the end of November 2010, and fulfilment by its energy management system of the requirements specified in DIN EN 16001.

“With all these measures now implemented, we are making it clearly known to our clients that DORMA is also a leader in the field of sustainable construction, offering true competence as an expert partner for green solutions," declared DORMA CEO, Thomas P. Wagner 

Munich, 17 January 2011

The ST FLEX Green automatic door makes an active contribution to sustainable construction.

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