BAU 2011: Now also available for dual-panel sliding doors

CS 80 MAGNEO – the multi-talented all-rounder!

BAU 2011: Now also available for dual-panel sliding doors

Munich,Germany. DORMA’s launch of the CS 80 MAGNEO two years ago signalled the beginning of a new era in sliding door control – not least because this system is driven by the magnetic and thus non-contacting thrust wave generated by a linear motor, enabling it to operate with almost complete silence. Initially designed for use on single-panel interior doors, the new generation on show in Munich now offers a substantially wider application field. 

For the first time, the CS 80 MAGNEO will also be on view in a dual-panel design version operating an all-glass doorset. This new biparting unit is equally suitable for face-fixing or corridor/in-wall installation and will be available for panel widths from 0.5 m to 2.0 m. The series is due to go into production in 2012.

Also on view is an application study illustrating the CS 80 MAGNEO Green, likewise of dual-panel design. Here, the multi-functional operator is being used in a construction designed for integration in an external façade. The exhibit is installed in a post-and-beam (mullion/transom) frame in combination with a thermal-break panel profile system. It is only through the highly compact overall dimensions of the MAGNEO drive technology that integration of such automatic door operators in the façade construction has become possible. The operator can be used for door leaves from 0.5 m to 2.0 m in width. Because of the low energy requirement of the CS 80 MAGNEO Green, it is possible – as demonstrated in the application study – to provide the necessary energy on a stand-alone basis using rechargeable batteries or solar modules. This mag-lev operator may, in accordance with DIN 18 650, also travel in the opening direction at elevated speed without the need for sensor-based personnel protection. This “Green” series is likewise due to go into production in 2012.

The versatility of the MAGNEO system is further demonstrated in yet another study. Two toughened glass doors are equipped with two parallel-arranged but independently operated sliding door operator systems. At the centre between the door panels is installed an LED advertising display. Both the door panels are controlled by motion sensors so that each door can only be used for one-way traffic. Such a solution effectively avoids the jostling crowds that can occur when people are moving in different directions all at once.

This new generation of solutions has substantially expanded the area of application of this flexible operator design. Previously (as mentioned above), the CS 80 MAGNEO was limited to single-panel doors in interior applications. However, these newly developed versions in the form of reliably operating dual-panel sliding door operators will also be suitable for installation in insulated external façade constructions.

Munich, 17 January 2011

Advanced convenience and some unique functional characteristics characterise the CS 80 MAGNEO automatic sliding door operator.

The advent of a new generation of this versatile mag-lev operator line means that it can also be used for different combinations of dual-panel doors for both internal and external applications.

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