DORMA’s showroom concept garners recognition

Concept is honored by German Design Award

DORMA’s showroom concept garners recognition

The first DORMA ‘World of Access’ showroom conveying the new, modernized DORMA brand identity was opened in New York in September of this year. And just four weeks after this ‘launch,’ the concept received its first accolade. As part of the German Design Award program, the new DORMA showroom design was given a ‘Special Mention’ in recognition of its particular and unique qualities, as announced by the jury last week.

The concept was entered in the newly created category ‘Architecture and Interior Design’ and counted among the very first submissions of its kind admitted to the competition. The scoring is based on 18 different criteria ranging from technical functionality and product esthetics to innovation and longevity. Brand equity was also taken into account as a key criterion.

“This award is particularly significant for us because the showroom concept serves as a beacon in our current brand repositioning campaign,” explains Dr. Sascha Dornbusch who, as Senior Manager Brand and Communications, is responsible for the showrooms. The new concept is far more than just a product presentation forum – it opens up a new 360° brand experience and is destined to be implemented worldwide in order to make the DORMA brand itself ‘accessible.’ “This is more than just a showcase for our products. Here it is the DORMA brand and its associated values ‘Hassle-free,’ ‘Holistic,’ ‘Design & Esthetics’ and ‘Quality & Innovation’ that are being brought to life. Hence the complete theme scenarios that appear in the showrooms,” says Mario Dreismann, Vice President Marketing & Sales.

Whether it’s the concourse of an airport terminal, a living room in a home or a law firm’s offices – different rooms and situations are presented in the ‘World of Access’ on the basis of selected system solutions. If visitors are interested in other products, these can be found sorted according to category in prestigious wall cabinets. Or people can simply have products and applications demonstrated to them using a multimedia desk: product details, solution environments or films relating to the individual products are shown here on an innovative, intuitive touch screen that makes the desk particularly easy to operate. The desk can also be used for discussions, meetings and presentations, or converted into a simple dining table. Indeed, the aim of these brand experience rooms is that they should be places of communication and dialog. Exciting events are planned here in the future in order particularly to further establish the DORMA brand in the minds of architects and similar specialist communities. A further exhibition showroom based on the new concept is due to open shortly in Dubai (UAE).
This year, the DORMA Group passed the billion euro sales mark for the first time, so further strengthening its position as a supplier of premium access solutions and allied services. The company aims to increase revenues to two billion euros by 2020. To this end, DORMA is investing substantially in innovation and branding.

About the German Design Award

Unlike other design competitions, a company cannot submit a product for the German Design Award on its own initiative. It first has to be nominated by the German Design Council before participation becomes possible.

The German Design Council was established in 1953 on the initiative of the German Federal Parliament – the Bundestag. As a charitable foundation, it supports businesses in all aspects of design and is one of the leading competence centers for communication in the design field.

Its credo is that design is far more than the enhancement of appearance. Rather, it is an essential economic and cultural factor as well as a means of establishing or underpinning a product’s or a brand’s USP – its unique selling proposition.

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