Fensterbau 2012 – the Window, Door and Façade trade fair: Innovative technology of premium quality

DORMA to present its product developments on a multimedia platform

Fensterbau 2012 – the Window, Door and Façade trade fair: Innovative technology of premium quality

Nuremberg, Germany. DORMA delivers innovative technologies of premium quality and is also in great shape in terms of its sustainability and environmental protection credentials. At Fensterbau 2012, visitors to the DORMA stand will be treated to an array of innovative products enabling better buildings.

To underline DORMA’s track record on sustainability, on the morning of the first day of the exhibition there will be a ceremonial presentation of “Environmental Product Declarations” (EPD) to DIN ISO 14025 for the modular automatic swing door operators ED 100/250 and the automatic sliding door operator ST FLEX Green to DORMA CEO Thomas P. Wagner. DORMA has thus further cemented its reputation as a trend-setter, having already had its TS 93 door closer system similarly officially certified in 2011. The EPD serves to confirm that the full life cycle of the product has been properly analysed and documented on the basis of environmental criteria.

Look, feel and find out

The many new developments and innovative DORMA products will be presented to stand visitors with all their attributes and functional capabilities very much on show. Visitors will also be offered films demonstrating how certain products can also withstand extreme weather conditions. For example, the ED 250 swing door operator, which remains the only approved drive unit for fire doors up to 250 kg in weight, is able to resist wind loads up to gale force 7 and will also readily maintain continuous-duty functionality even under icy cold conditions. The durability of this swing door operator is demonstrated in films showing it operating consistently and with the utmost reliability both in an ice hotel and in wind tunnel tests. The swing door operator will be showcased in combination with the PHA 2500 emergency exit device.

The DORMA TS 93 door closer has been extended to the extent that it can offer various system solutions satisfying the barrier-free requirements of DIN SPEC 1104 (CEN TR 15894) and DIN 18040-1. Also on view at the DORMA stand is the concealed and thus virtually invisible ITS 96 FL free-swing door closer capable of operating doors with a weight of up to 180 kg and widths up to 1,400 mm. This closer was first presented to the industry a year or so ago in the form of a study project, and will be launched onto the market this year.

The proven CS 80 MAGNEO mag-lev sliding door operator has been further improved. The latest generation of this drive unit features an integrated locking function and a new satinised stainless steel finish.

Also on show is the ST FLEX Secure automatic sliding door, which has been tested compliant with burglar resistance class RC 2 (WK 2) by Germany’s ift Rosenheim (Institute for Window Technology). The door, which is also approved for use in emergency exit and escape routes, is combined with an ES 200 sliding door operator. The variously and efficiently reinforced sliding doorset combined with a special lock meets the requirements voiced by many customers for enhanced security against intruders and protection against vandalism. Visually, the resistance-tested ST FLEX Secure hardly differs from conventional sliding doors with FLEX profiles, yet it is particularly suitable for applications involving elevated security requirements.

Lever handles with Braille inscriptions

The Premium range of door furniture is also prominent as part of the DORMA array of fair exhibits, offering specifiers, fabricators and installers exceptional project design scope with a wide choice of models for timber, narrow stile/metal framed and glass doors. The new straight-lined lever handle designs offer clarity and a distinct geometrical statement that readily lends itself to modern architecture. With its 22 mm diameter, the new Premium 8350 A model in aluminium and stainless steel is particularly sturdy, offering a sure grip to its users. This fitting is ideal for heavily frequented doors, for example in administrative or office buildings, sports centres and schools. If required, DORMA’s Premium door handles can also be provided with Braille inscriptions – often an indispensable wayfinding aid to the sight-impaired. The coding on the inside of the handle identifies the door being used.

The AGILE 150 DORMOTION sliding door operating system with its effective damping function to prevent uncontrolled end-position impact will be on show in Nuremberg in combination with door leaves from MAME. All the main functional elements such as the clamp-type roller carriers and the cushioning spring mechanisms – which also serve to gently retract the door panels to their end positions – are discreetly concealed in the overhead track.

Ensuring the convenient closing of double-action doors without the need for an additional door closer or floor spring, DORMA TENSOR hinges are also included in the stand exhibits. With easy and precise zero position adjustment, these meet a major prerequisite for the flush closing of a double-action door. And TENSOR hinges will also reliably hold the door open at an angle of 90°. Once pulled in the closing direction, the spring mechanism at the heart of the fittings then provides for controlled, dependable closing from an angle of 80°. And having completed 500,000 operating cycles in proving tests, these hinges also offer a long service lifetime.

The Junior Office Classic interior toughened glass door fittings come in a timeless, clear-cut design. With their no-nonsense styling, these DIN 12209-compliant locks and fittings are ideally suited for service in public buildings. The adjustable follower reliably precludes handle sag while the silent-pattern latch bolt offers both assured reliability and enhanced operability. Matching hinges will carry doors up to 60 kg in weight, or even 70 kg when combined with frame sections with a 160 mm pocket.

Nuremberg, March 21, 2012

The DORMA stand concept on show at this year’s Fensterbau trade fair offers multimedia functionality. (Messestand_1.jpg)

Ice cold performer! The discreetly designed ED 100 offers total continuous-duty reliability in an ice hotel in Sweden’s frozen north. (ED_Icehotel.jpg)
Photo: DORMA (reprint free of charge)

With its 22 mm thick handle, the new Premium 8350 A lever handle is a particularly sturdy piece of hardware. (Premium_Drücker.jpg)

The AGILE 150 DORMOTION sliding door system is designed for fitting to glass as well as for wall face, ceiling and transom/lintel installation. With its slender design lines, this sliding door operator combines neatly and inconspicuously with glass wall constructions. (AGILE.jpg)

The ST FLEX Secure automatic sliding door offers enhanced security, helping to keep intruders at bay. (ST FLEX Secure.jpg)

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