High-performance products for the world’s stadiums

DORMA offers suitable solutions for the control of large “fan” flows

High-performance products for the world’s stadiums

Ennepetal/Munich.Germany. Already today, DORMA is a globally much sought-after partner when it comes to enabling better buildings – a fact that is further underlined by the company’s new brand presence. The company’s integrated identity has been specifically geared to ensuring that, in future, customers will be able to tell at a glance that they are using DORMA products, irrespective of where they might be around the world.

To effectively illustrate the breadth of applications covered by its portfolio, DORMA has selected various focal themes for its exhibition layout at the Munich fair BAU.

In the themed zone dedicated to stadiums and sport arenas, the focus is on discreet hardware products designed to effectively safeguard high-volume spectator flows. One such is the proven electromechanical swing door operator ED 250 for double-leaf doors, a solution that can also be applied to fire and smoke check doors. A new feature in this system is the Prosecure Opti Safe safety sensor for improved monitoring and obstruction detection over the full through-passage area. The sensor is connected to the slide channel via an adapter, which is of particular benefit when mounting the operator on narrow-stile doors.

The ED 250 features an integral wind load control system enabling the operator to respond to changing air flows and pressures such as can frequently occur in sport stadiums. Needless to say, the ED 250 also offers low power consumption, while the advantages of the electromechanical drive naturally come very much to the fore when the unit is fitted to doors required to meet the requirements of barrier-free access. When the door is opened manually the Power Assist feature cuts in at just some degrees. Thanks to this, opening heavy doors is rendered effortless even in the manual opening mode, which is a great benefit for people with physical restrictions.

Similarly ideal for use in sport arenas is the concealed and therefore virtually invisible ITS 96 FL free-swing door closer, suitable for door leaves with weights up to 180 kg and widths up to 1400 mm. In keeping with DORMA’s holistic approach, it can be combined e.g. with the RMZ smoke detector and the PHA 2500 panic exit crossbar. In the event of an alarm, doors equipped with the ITS 96 FL are immediately closed. However, the integrated EASY OPEN function ensures that the door leaf can still be effortlessly opened at any time. Thanks to the integral free-swing feature, solutions incorporating the ITS 96 FL readily meet the requirements of barrier-free access per DIN SPEC 1104 (CEN/TR 15894) and DIN 18040-1. The free-swing function is activated from an opening angle > 0°, while the closing force of the ITS 96 FL can be infinitely varied within the spring strength range EN 3 – 6.

DORMA’s glass horizontal sliding walls of the type HSW-G are great space dividers – and not just in internal stadium facilities. These operable glass partitions are being showcased at the DORMA exhibition booth in combination with an ITS 96 door closer integrated in the pivoting panel, which also features a pair of 720 mm MANET pull handles, and with a flush-recessed MANET pull grip serving the pivoting end panel. Among the new features being offered with the HSW-G is a simple bayonet-type top locking and unlocking mechanism for single- and double-action pivoting/sliding panels. A visual status indicator shows which function – pivoting or sliding – has been enabled (=green) and disabled (=red), thus helping preclude the possibility of operating error.

Likewise new with the HSW-G is the face-mounted bottom bolt – in DORMA’s proprietary Contur design – offering easy foot operation. The new vertical frame profile with its brush seal also offers improved draft protection, yet it is so slender that it hardly affects the all-glass appearance of the partition. And it can be retrofitted to existing systems at any time.

Ennepetal/Munich, January 15, 2013

Whether in automatic mode or with manual operation, the ED 250 electromechanical swing door operator can power even wide and heavy doors to allow large through-passage widths. (BAU13_ED_250)

The ITS 96 FL integrated door closer with its free-swing function meets the requirements for barrier-free access per DIN SPEC 1104 (CEN/TR 15894) and is thus eminently suited to swing doors that handle large pedestrian flows.


DORMA is the trusted global partner for premium access solutions and services enabling better buildings. With over 100 years of tradition behind it, the company creates holistic solutions for the opening and closing of doors – from hinges and floor springs to automatic door operators and attendance and access control systems. DORMA also offers horizontal sliding wall installations. In fiscal 2011/2012 (June 30), the DORMA Group generated sales of 1,001.8 million euros. Headquartered in Ennepetal, Germany, it boasts true international reach with operations in over 50 countries and a global workforce of some 6,700 employees.

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