Sophisticated solutions for emergency exits and escape routes

Products from DORMA ensure the functional efficiency of doors in hotels

Sophisticated solutions for emergency exits and escape routes

Ennepetal/Munich. Germany. The reasons for visiting a hotel are as diverse as the guests themselves. Some people spend their entire holiday in their hotel, while for others it is simply a place to stay the night and relax between meetings in a city away from home. In any hotel, the focus is on the customer’s well-being, with myriad “invisible” helpers ensuring that guests want for nothing. A high level of comfort and convenience and, in many cases, modern and visually appealing architecture and design make a hotel stay an enjoyable experience. It goes without saying that all components that go into the security systems and the emergency exit and escape route hardware must fulfill these demands while at the same time complying in full with all statutory regulations.

DORMA offers a broad range of products that satisfy all such criteria, a selection of which is showcased in the “Hotel” theme zone that forms part of the DORMA stand at the BAU fair in Munich. The products on display are also depicted in digital multimedia presentations. Large touch screens allow visitors to enter various virtual rooms and explore the applications of the products installed there.

One highlight is the ED 100 Low Energy electro-mechanical swing door operator with FWS emergency exit control and the new Prosecure Opti Safe safety sensor with arm assembly adapter. Thus equipped, the operator offers enhanced monitoring capability and obstacle detection for the door through-passage area as well as a more pleasing visual appearance overall. Like the ED 250, the ED 100 is also equipped with integral wind load control. Manual door opening is assisted by a booster motor, as is also the case with the larger ED 250. For people with physical impairments in particular, this feature is extremely beneficial. The Power Assist function integrated in this operator enables the realization of barrier-free access points up to EN 4.

PHA 2000 panic hardware is demonstrated on an all-glass door in an Alexa AT 50 frame with ARCOS Office hinges and a TS 97 door closer. All aspects of the new DORMA brand identity are combined to compelling effect in this exhibit, with the fact that all products used for this door come from DORMA confirming in particular the company’s holistic brand value. The crossbar panic exit device provides for effortless operation of the door while the all-glass element not only satisfies high standards in terms of design, but also offers high transparency, allowing maximum natural light into the room.

Another product that is ideal for use in hotels is the CS 80 MAGNEO. Integrated in an all-glass system, the sliding door operator on display in Munich is shown with the new, slender clamp-type glazing rail. In unveiling the CS 80 MAGNEO for the first time, DORMA broke new ground. This operator is powered by the magnetic and therefore non-contacting thrust wave of a linear motor, making it virtually noiseless.

While the operator was initially conceived for use with single-panel interior doors only, the new generation now offers a significantly wider range of applications. An operator for double-panel doors is also available. The CS 80 MAGNEO is suitable for both on- and in-wall fixing. With its extremely slender styling, the option of either concealed or surface fixing and a stainless steel appearance throughout, it satisfies the high design-related demands. Integrated collision monitoring in accordance with DIN 18650 in combination with a sensitive operating behavior recommend the CS 80 MAGNEO door operator, not least for barrier-free access points.

Ennepetal/Munich, January 15, 2013

It’s all a matter of taste: Besides the new version with its slender clamp-type glazing rail the CS 80 MAGNEO sliding door operator can also be combined with delightfully discreet MANET single-point fixings.

The ED 100 swing door operator in its automatic mode is particularly suitable for doors subjected to changing wind pressures.

Proving that elegant design and safety can be effectively combined: the PHA 2000 panic exit pushbar assembly on an all-glass door.



DORMA is the trusted global partner for premium access solutions and services enabling better buildings. With over 100 years of tradition behind it, the company creates holistic solutions for the opening and closing of doors – from hinges and floor springs to automatic door operators and attendance and access control systems. DORMA also offers horizontal sliding wall installations. In fiscal 2011/2012 (June 30), the DORMA Group generated sales of 1,001.8 million euros. Headquartered in Ennepetal, Germany, it boasts true international reach with operations in over 50 countries and a global workforce of some 6,700 employees.

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