The five core values that characterize DORMA’s brand

DORMA brand promises Hassle-free, Holistic solutions characterized by Design & Aesthetics, Quality and Innovation.

The five core values that characterize DORMA’s brand

Ennepetal/Munich.Germany. “DORMA. THE ACCESS” – that’s the claim underlying DORMA’s new brand identity. With it, this trusted and globally engaged partner for premium access solutions and services aims to underscore its ambition to become a byword for access solutions worldwide. Now, at BAU 2013 from January 14 to 19, DORMA will be presenting its new brand to the international construction and architecture community.

Strong innovation and a clear vision of the future characterize the DORMA credo. Indeed, under the headings Hassle-free, Holistic, Design & Aesthetics, Quality and Innovation, the company has identified five core values that promise customers marked value-added when purchasing DORMA products and services.

Hassle-free is perhaps at first glance not a value that one would associate with a brand profile. In the case of access solutions, however, hassle-free handling and effortless operability are of major importance. DORMA develops products and services with its “user community” very much in mind. It tailors its offerings to the requirements of professionals involved in the provision of access solutions – i.e. architects, specifiers, fabricators and installers. And also to the needs of people who come into contact with DORMA access solutions day in, day out – in airports, museums, hotels, sport arenas, hospitals and office buildings. For them, DORMA access solutions should be self-evident, simple and intuitive – in short, hassle-free – in their operability.

Barrier-free design is a case in point. Due to demographic change and growing mobility, planners and builders are having to quickly adapt to the fact that barrier-free access has become an essential criterion of construction acceptability. Moreover, barrier-free building does not just mean providing wide door openings and ground-level access points but also, in particular, offering more user-friendliness and operational convenience. Every baggage-laden guest, every mother with a baby carriage and every senior citizen with a walking aid needs barrier-free access. Barrier-free planning and construction therefore affects all areas of our society. DORMA supports this trend through the further development of its door controls and closer systems, and also with its ITS 96 door closer with free-swing operability. For the architect, the ITS 96 offers virtually unlimited design scope. For specifiers, fabricators and installers, it ensures compliance with nearly all the standards and specifications relevant to system and door manufacturers. And for users, the ITS 96 with its free-swing function offers excellent, effortless operating convenience.

Easy manual access is also enabled by the ED 100 Low Energy electromechanical swing door operator. Thanks to its Power Assist mode, it can even turn a heavy door into a barrier-free access.

For DORMA, hassle-free also means ensuring that its wide range of access solutions and services are presented in an engaging and clearly structured manner, whether it be at trade shows, on its web pages and brochures or in the new showrooms and design centers scheduled to open in the major markets of the world – most recently in New York and, this February, in Dubai. As a brand value, hassle-free is closely associated with another of the five, holistic.

Holistic lies at the heart of DORMA’s business philosophy. The company needs initially to understand the challenges and requirements of its customers – whether architect, specifier, fabricator or installer – in order to be able to offer the best solution. From planning and installation through to regular servicing, DORMA’s aim is to offer its customers, and, by extension, their customers, true value added.

A holistic approach is therefore an important feature of DORMA products. DORMA products are aesthetically attractive, functionally efficient, safe, secure, and easy to use. They are also sustainable. And they are holistic in that they are both perfectly coordinated with one another and anchored within an all-encompassing service concept. An example of this can be found in the KTC 2 revolving door with integrated sliding door – as installed, for example, in the entrance of the Akbati shopping mall in Ankara, Turkey. During heavy usage, the revolving wings can be switched to automatic sliding door mode based on the DORMA ST Flex concept. This dual function is also beneficial for deliveries. With its slim profiles, the entrance is particularly enticing both to look at and to use. Special brush seals have also been included for effective draft exclusion and climate separation between the internal and external areas, so helping to reduce heating and air-conditioning costs.

The DORMA service concept encompasses more than just a personalized performance at the client’s site. With the DORVISION door control system, automatic doors around the world can be remotely monitored, self diagnostics retrieved and functions initiated – via a secure internet-based portal, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means security for the operator, with savings in both time and cost. The holistic approach implicit in the DORMA product experience is to be further underscored in future by a new, uniform and overarching product design.

For the company, the Design & Aesthetics brand value constitutes a key competitive differentiator. Access solutions from DORMA offer maximum scope for design and creativity. Particularly in modern, contemporary architecture, the integration of function and form is of paramount importance. Access solutions either have to be totally inconspicuous or they need to adapt perfectly to the design and ambience of the constructed environment. Either way, they can support the overall architectural concept without compromise in terms of their functionality, safety and security.

A vivid example of this can be found in the Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany, which likewise features DORMA access solutions. The British newspaper “The Guardian” counts the Phaeno among the twelve most important modern buildings in the world. In this extraordinary edifice, designed by Zaha Hadid in conjunction with German architectural firm Mayer-Bährle, not a single wall is straight. And it was to this special architectural feature that the design and functionality of the DORMA products incorporated had to be adapted. Hence, a DORMA automatic door was installed at a 5° skew. An order placed by the British fashion brand Burberry also set exceptionally high design standards. The new flagship store in Chicago was to be provided with a very special entrance solution in the form of an avant-garde swing door of black stainless steel. Meanwhile, the 371 VIP boxes of the Dallas Cowboys stadium are equipped with sliding panels from DORMA’s HSW family, offering major advantages in terms of both visual elegance and functional efficiency. As the system operates without vertical frame profiles, the view of the gridiron remains completely unimpaired, even when the partition is closed, giving the spectators the feeling that they are still right there in the action. The guide and locking system used was specifically developed for this stadium, with the special feature that it compensates for the vertical displacement of the glass panels that can occur due to the high dynamic loading to which the terrace concourse is subjected.

For DORMA and its employees, access solutions are not only a matter of business – they are a passion. This corporate ardor is closely linked to the hundred year-plus tradition and experience that the organization has accumulated in the provision of premium access solutions – from door hinges and floor springs to automatic door systems, and attendance and access controls. For decades, this passion has made DORMA the preferred partner in many a renowned construction project around the world. Whether it is the National Museum in Beijing, King’s Cross Station in London, the Chancellery in Berlin, the United Nations in New York or the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, access solutions from DORMA are installed and in operation in all four corners of the earth. Indeed, the company is responsible for more than 150 million access solutions around the globe – a fact that speaks volumes for the high quality of DORMA products.

The innovative strength of DORMA is expressed in the brand value Innovation. DORMA manufactures products for people and their requirements. And just as people change in the course of time, so the company develops its portfolio to keep pace. At DORMA, innovation is closely linked to evolution. Innovation as evolution. An example of this can be found in the successive generations of door closers that DORMA has developed. Following the first pot-shaped model with its projecting arm assembly from the 1950s, the decades have brought several rebirths of the closer concept, the associated products appearing ever more discrete while at the same time offering ever more complex functionality, greater user friendliness and increased ease of handling. Nowadays, they can be integrated within the door leaf or frame for virtual invisibility, operated with almost no resistance when the door is opened, yet closing doors – of various sizes – with precisely the force and speed required. The ITS 96 integrated door closer with its free-swing function is an excellent example of this.

DORMA is also pursuing ongoing portfolio development in order to meet the increasing requirements of society for safety and security. An example of the progress made is provided by the ST-FLEX-SECURE automatic sliding door with its high intrusion resistance; or DORMA’s proprietary MATRIX software for secure, tailored access control with integrated monitoring and evaluation functions.

Looking to the future, electronic profile cylinders from DORMA will be able to offer the convenience of configuration and operation from mobile communication devices (smart phones or tablet computers), resulting in its brand value innovation once again augmenting the company’s hassle-free credentials.

Ennepetal/Munich, January 15, 2013


DORMA is the trusted global partner for premium access solutions and services enabling better buildings. With over 100 years of tradition behind it, the company creates holistic solutions for the opening and closing of doors – from hinges and floor springs to automatic door operators and attendance and access control systems. DORMA also offers horizontal sliding wall installations. In fiscal 2011/2012 (June 30), the DORMA Group generated sales of 1,001.8 million euros. Headquartered in Ennepetal, Germany, it boasts true international reach with operations in over 50 countries and a global workforce of some 6,700 employees.

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