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Maintenance is an investment, not a cost.

Service and Solutions for all your needs

All door Components, whether manual or automatic, are complex and subject to punishing wear and tear. Therefore to ensure that they continue to function as they should, regular maintenance is imperative.


Regular door maintenance helps prevent accidents, maintain necessary security, reduces breakdowns and the accompanying inconvenience, and prolongs the life of the operator / Door. There may also be legal implications regarding the Maintenance of all door types which must be adhered to, to ensure the safety of users at all times.


The Service operation of DORMA provides a tailored, local resource for the servicing and maintenance of all DORMA and non-DORMA Products. DORMA can provide many different service packages designed to meet all your requirements.





Automatic / Manual / Revolving / Sliding / Glass Doors


Annual Maintenance Contract

Operable Partitions / Movable Walls / Acoustic Partitions


Spares Supply

Glass Fittings


Repair Services

Door Closers


Upgradation / Modernization / Refurbishment

Panic Bar



Security Locks


For further information please download the DORMA SERVICE brochure below:

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