Creative design for living spaces


Just imagine if we could design space with no restrictions.


Space for ideas. Creative design for living and working spaces means taking note of individual wishes and requirements – because society is changing and with it so are the demands on spatial concepts.


Open plan kitchens, home offices, converting former children’s bedrooms into walk-in wardrobes or creating smooth transitions between the living room and garden – these are the contemporary ideas and trends that abound. And it is DORMA’s particular ambition to harness these developments and create products based on an imaginative, contemporary response.


In private rooms, in small offices, in doctors’ surgeries or in professional practices, finding the right balance between function and aesthetic elegance is of major importance.


So here, all DORMA products make a major contribution, one that can permanently influence the basic room concept. The timeless excellence of the DORMA product design has garnered many accolades.


Download DORMA's Interior Borchure to have a sneak preview of how DORMA products can change your Building's Interiors.