Farpointe Data

A DORMA Group Company.

Readers and Credentials for Access Control

Since 2003, Farpointe Data, a Silicon Valley company, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of radio frequency identification (RFID) products. Today these advanced products span the frequency spectrum, each including a host of unique proprietary features. These products include the 125-kHz Pyramid Series Proximity® line of proximity readers, cards and tags, the 13.56 MHz Delta® contactless smartcard readers, cards and tags, as well as the 433-MHz Ranger® line of long-range transmitters and receivers. Farpointe's exacting RFID designs, superior manufacturing, competitive pricing, and excellent performance have earned the trust of partners and access control system manufacturers, and achieved recognition as a leading manufacturer of readers, cards, and tags.

Please visit the Farpointe website at www.farpointedata.com for more information about their products.