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What Modern Nomads Expect From A Hotel.

Other pictures:
  • Prestigious reception at Kochi Marriott Hotel, India

    Prestigious reception at Kochi Marriott Hotel, India
  • Iconic architecture. Myriad Sana, Portugal

    Iconic architecture. Myriad Sana, Portugal
  • Revolving door at Golden Savoy Hotel, Turkey

    Revolving door at Golden Savoy Hotel, Turkey
  • Sliding doors at Myriad Sana, Portugal

    Sliding doors at Myriad Sana, Portugal
  • Revolving door at JW Marriott Hotel, US

    Revolving door at JW Marriott Hotel, US
  • Movable Walls at the Dream Downtown, New York

    Movable Walls at the Dream Downtown, New York
  • New landmark. Hilton Schiphol Hotel, Netherlands

    New landmark. Hilton Schiphol Hotel, Netherlands
  • Revolving door at Pomegranate Hotel, Greece

    Revolving door at Pomegranate Hotel, Greece

Home from Home

A strong culture of hospitality is part of our corporate philosophy. We open doors on all continents. With our hotel solutions we deliver freedom of movement, convenience, security and outstanding functionality to hotel staff and guests alike.

The time of anonymous, uniform high-rise hotels is over. Designer, lifestyle and boutique hotels offer a broad spectrum of individual experiences – from luxury to low-cost. Holiday makers and business travelers are looking for something special, with the latter particularly keen on enhancing their business trip by staying at hotels that have charm and individual character. Originality and authenticity are in. Or as the Hilton Worldwide website puts it: "One-of-a-kind experiences with sophisticated, locally inspired surroundings."

The DORMA contribution: Complete system solutions tailored to individual customer requirements.

  • Consistent design for any architectural style
  • Reliable functionality, from automatic doors to emergency exit control systems
  • User-oriented solutions with innovative technology

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THE LANDMARK – Hilton Schiphol, Amsterdam

At the end of 2015, Hilton is opening a new hotel at Amsterdam Airport, comprising 433 rooms, a ballroom, 23 meeting rooms, a 1,700 square meter conference center and a spa and fitness center. "Hilton Schiphol Airport is set to become a destination in its own right", says Patrick Fitzgibbon, Senior Vice President Development, Europe & Africa, Hilton Worldwide.

Hilton Schiphol Airport

Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo designed the cube-shaped building with its rounded edges and lively diamond-patterned facade that is created from composite panels. A glass ceiling curves above the 35-meter-high atrium, offering space, light and fresh air. The interior design is by Merkx + Girod from the Netherlands and UK firm Hirsch Bedner Associates.

An open door to guests from all over the world

High standards of design, functionality and security are also required for the doors in this showpiece hotel at one of Europe's busiest airports. DORMA, a long-standing partner of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, equipped the building with 650 ITS 96 concealed door closers for the unblemished appearance of prestigious doors. Further 150 TS 93 cam action door closers and numerous ED 250 automatic operators were installed as well.

The Way Forward - Myriad by Sana Lisbon

A manual sliding glass door system to seamlessly link bathroom and WC.

The prominent position on the banks of the River Tagus and the futuristic design make the Myriad by Sana Hotel one of the highlights of Lisbon.

Best New Hotel Design & Construction in Europe

The outstanding architectural and design concept was recognized with two prizes at the International Hotel Awards 2013: "Best New Hotel Design & Construction in Europe" and "Best Hotel Architecture in Portugal".

Stylish design and elegant technology in the bathroom: The AGILE 150 manual sliding door system, predecessor of the new MUTO sliding door, creates a translucent, visual separation between bathroom and lavatory.

DORMOTION technology

The narrow 63mm high, corrosion-resistant track features innovative DORMOTION technology: No matter how forcefully the door is opened or closed, the sliding panel on its roller carrier is gently cushioned and then smoothly drawn automatically to its end position. For the guest this offers safety and convenience. See more information on the latest manual sliding door system MUTO.

INSPIRING ART – Regnum Carya, Belek

Automatic sliding doors with concealed in-built operator. Simple and quiet. A pleasure for all the senses.

Stylishly designed glass doors create an attractive visual highlight in the 530 guest rooms of the Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resorts, Belek, Turkey. With the extensive use of wood and upholstered furnishings, the rooms radiate warmth and natural elegance. At the touch of a button the colored glass element hiding the bathroom slides automatically and practically silently to the side.

Sliding door operator

The sliding door operator remains invisible because of its concealed installation: CS 80 MAGNEO. Low-Energy Mode and SoftMotion Safety ensure that the door will stop on light contact – an important safety feature not only for people with restricted mobility and slow motor skills.

Also concealed: the classic RS 120 sliding door system for wooden sliding doors (photo below) and the ITS 96 system on room doors. The integrated slide channel door closer with EASY OPEN technology ensures that room doors are child's play to open no matter what age you are.

EASY OPEN technology

STRONG APPEARANCE – Dream Downtown Hotel, New York

Floor-concealed door closers that securely close heavy wooden doors. Even in high winds.

Situated in the middle of New York, the Dream Downtown Hotel with Beach Club (and real sand), roof terrace and stylish look attracts guests from near and far. The reflective metal façade with striking polka dot pattern is a futuristic interpretation of bubbling water. Inside too, the cool design continues. With heavy wooden doors of up to 300 kg, BTS 80 floor-concealed door closers offer exceptional ease of use while remaining almost invisible (photo below, ©Phillip Ennis Photography).

Dream Downtown Hotel with Beach Club

Movable partition walls that enable the flexible adaptation of rooms to the number of participants.

Style and flexibility in the meeting room. With Modernfold Acousti-Seal paired panel systems from the DORMA Group, rooms can be made larger or smaller in seconds. The partition elements in the Dream Downtown Hotel, NY were customized to match the contemporary stylish look. (Photo below, ©Phillip Ennis Photography).

Dream Downtown Hotel with Beach Club


Elegant double-leaf glass doors to the restaurant area, fitted with practically invisible floor-concealed door closers and high-quality MANET pull handles.

Cool design, state-of-the-art technology and a scenic rooftop bar characterize the ME Milan Il Duca, the first hotel to be opened in Milan by the Spanish Meliá Hotels International Group in their "ME by Meliá" lifestyle. The interior concept, which was designed by Studio Martini, is aimed at fashion and design-savvy guests. Each of the nine hotel floors is an hommage to a famous Italian designer. The high standards of functionality and design are continued in the door technology. The glass surfaces and slim profiles perfectly set off the restrained elegance of the BTS 80 system: The door closer technology is concealed practically invisibly in the floor (photo below).

ME Milan Il Duca

ME Milan Il DucaME Milan Il Duca

First Impressions Count

The reception and lobby areas are the business card of a hotel and a window for the general public. Particularly in urban settings, the lobby is changing from a simple reception area into a sociable "living room" in which guests are free to drink, eat, play, read, relax or work. "Homing" is the new trend that is redefining the design of hotel lobby areas.

SUPERIORITY – Kochi Marriott, Kerala

Oversize KTV-3 revolving doors

The Kochi Marriott in Kerala, India provides its guests with a reception area of generous dimensions. The more than 4 m high revolving doors of mirror-polished stainless steel (KTV-3) are unrivalled in the whole of India. (Photo below).

Kochi Marriott in Kerala

On arrival, the reception hall of the 17-floor Marriott Kochi Hotel (photo below) makes a winning first impression. The high glass frontage and imposing canopy entrance leave guests in no doubt that this is the best place in town.

Marriott Kochi Hotel

Light and climate separation play a key role in the entrance area and revolving doors offer the perfect solution here with their elegant design, barrier-free ease of use and dependable protection from drafts, dust and dirt.

TRANSPARENCY – Boyalik Beach Hotel, Cesme

Elegant all-glass solution with super-slim profiles.

The KTV ATRIUM all-glass revolving door offers maximum transparency and lightness here in the Boyalik Beach Hotel, Cesme, Turkey. Its outstandingly elegant design integrates almost seamlessly in glass façades. Flush-mounted single-point fixings connect the glass design components. The drive and control technology are installed in the floor. The photos below show interior and exterior views.

Boyalik Beach Hotel, Cesme, Turkey

Boyalik Beach Hotel, Cesme, Turkey

CLASSIC ELEGANCE – Pomegranate, Halkidi

Revolving door in brilliant stainless steel.

The diverse range of models offers varied functional features, from the electronically monitored KTV Secure system through to the KTC 2 revolving door with integrated sliding door. The entrance to the luxurious 5-star Pomegranate Hotel on the Greek Halkidiki peninsula is enhanced with a classic revolving door. (Photo below).

Pomegranate Hotel on the Greek Halkidiki

XXL ENTRANCE – JW Marriott, Chicago

Revolving and sliding doors provide long-term dual solution.

A combination of revolving and sliding doors greets guests at the wide frontage of the JW Marriott Chicago in the heart of the city's financial district. A bronze-colored Crane BZ3000-A revolving door and ESA sliding doors ensure barrier-free access and create a prestigious ambiance and pleasant interior climate. In the sliding doors, the wind shielding function provides climate separation, which the revolving door automatically delivers. (Photo below).

JW Marriott Chicago

COMPACT ELEGANCE – Aldwych, London

Curved sliding doors as space-saving solution.

The street frontage is not always as wide as in Chicago. For instance, the entrance to the Aldwych Hotel in London is at the tip of a narrowly tapering building. To meet the requirements of the unusual curved entrance within the vestibule area, DORMA worked with the architects Norman Foster + Partners and construction consultant Gleeds on a solution - BST automatic curved sliding doors met the brief and offered the client the highest standards of contemporary design, functionality and comfort (photo below).

Aldwych Hotel in London

GREEN – Sportresidenz, Zillertal

Sliding doors with exceptional thermal insulation.

The architects were faced with special requirements at the entrances to the Hotel Sportresidenz in the Austrian Zillertal alps. This boutique hotel, which opened at the end of 2014, is a lifestyle oasis for golfers, skiers, wellness lovers and gourmets. Modern architecture with lots of wooden features, designer furniture and an infinity pool on the roof all contribute to a memorable experience.

Hotel Sportresidenz in the Austrian Zillertal alps

Two automatic ST FLEX Green sliding doors form a large wind shield and ensure a consistently pleasant interior climate. The slim, thermally isolated profiles give excellent insulation, which is particularly important here during the winter months. The sustainable, energy-saving product solution meets the EnEV energy-saving building regulations and also carries the EPD eco-label. (Photos: Sportresidenz Zillertal)

Two automatic ST FLEX Green sliding doors


The MATRIX AIR electronic access control system soon to act as a digital key – with the flattest fitting on the market.

Demanding guests expect not only high-speed WiFi throughout the entire building, but they also expect mobile check-in, an online concierge service and smart TV. Even access to the hotel room can be controlled by smartphone. Hilton and Starwood Hotels & Resorts are already introducing such systems as many guests prefer direct independent access over checking in personally at the reception desk.

By combining the MATRIX AIR electronic access control system with the Bluetooth Smart wireless technology standard, the smartphone will soon become a secure digital key. The user receives access authorization directly via smartphone.  A sophisticated software system guarantees secure creation, transfer and storage of the digital access authorizations. MATRIX AIR offers the first electronic fitting that is as flat as a normal door fitting since the technology is housed not in the fitting itself but in the handle (photo below).

MATRIX AIR: As flat as a normal door fitting

This elegant, multi-award winning solution is suitable not just for designer hotels, but also in many other environments.

ALL SEASONS – Illica, Cesme

A sliding glass partition system that can be opened and closed easily and quickly.

In good weather people like to sit outside and soak up the sun and fresh air. During the dark days of winter people would rather stay indoors, but still want a light, bright atmosphere. It's no wonder that winter gardens are extremely popular with private developers. The equivalent in the hotel sector are design solutions with sliding glass partitions.

In the Hotel Illica in Cesme/Turkey (photos below) a sliding glass partition system without lateral frame elements (HSW-G) ensures maximum transparency and flexibility. Top and bottom glazing rails give the system stability and conceal the technology.

Hotel Illica in Cesme/Turkey

The sliding glass frontage HSW-G can easily be moved to one side to save space (photo below). Whenever the weather permits, the lobby can be transformed into an open space and the dining room into a covered terrace.

Hotel Illica in Cesme/Turkey

Location and interior climate define the individual framework for each project. The DORMA portfolio therefore offers a large number of different models and additional functions, including HSW EASY SAFE with clamp & glue technology for the reliable preparation of laminated safety glass, design and safety foils and HSW FLEX THERM sliding glass partitions with thermal separation.