Announcing New Model Numbers for Power Supplies

Announcing New Model Numbers for Power Supplies

Effective immediately, DORMA has retired the PS531RF and PS533RF power supply model designations. The direct replacements for these models are the PS610RF and the PS615RF power supplies. The former PS531RF becomes PS610RF and PS533RF becomes PS615RF.

The following is a full listing of our current offering of general-purpose power supplies, with bold-face type indicating the changes:

  Description   VAC   A @ 24 V   List $
  PS610RF   110   1.0 A   395
  PS615RF   110   1.5 A   495
  PS532RF   110   2.0 A   638
  PS534RF   110   4.0 A   958
  PS536RF   110   6.0 A 1118
  PS502RF-220   220   1.0 A   486

A new product brochure is now available, reflecting these changes. The new price book dated 1/6/14 reflects the new model numbers.

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